Why Selig Real Estate?

  • SELIG REAL ESTATE is the longest standing Hutt Valley Real Estate company (current ownership since 1986). We therefore have a large base of loyal clients.
  • SELIG REAL ESTATE offers the best of all worlds – Boutique owner-operated business with Managers/Owners working as salespeople in the field enabling company policy and procedures to be relevant to the current Hutt Valley Real Estate scene. We do not take direction from some far off Head Office.
  • SELIG REAL ESTATE is not a franchise. Did you know that franchised Real Estate companies pay around 8% of your commission to their franchisor? We spend commission earned on marketing your home – not our brand.
  • SELIG REAL ESTATE offers very competitive fees for the high standard of service offered. When we sell your home with us your outstanding advertising campaign will be at no extra cost to you! Our team are very enthusiastic about explaining how this can be done.
  • SELIG REAL ESTATE has for many years also operated a "Boutique" Property Management Service. Because of our low ratio of Properties to Property Managers we believe we can offer 2nd to none care to our Landlord’s and their Properties.
  • SELIG REAL ESTATE is a smaller team than some with 10 very effective salespeople. This has huge benefits to homeowners. We treat our vendors and their home as “A big fish in a small pond as opposed to a small fish in a big pond as we only hold around 20 Listed Properties at any one time.
  • SELIG REAL ESTATE in both Lower Hutt and Stokes Valley have easy access offices right in the middle of the CBD. Due to the fact that we all work predominantly from the office, communication amongst our team is easy and productive enabling the whole team to be familiar with every property we have listed and to brain storm together to get the best results. We discuss at length every Property we have listed at every weekly sales meeting – a company with 150 properties listed would find it impossible to undertake that level of commitment.
  • SELIG REAL ESTATE’s team including our sales support staff all have the benefit of having lived in The Hutt Valley for many years and all have many years of Real Estate experience.



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